Good Bye :(

I will miss this school and my friend’s and teacher’s. You are a great teacher Mrs. Theriault I hope I get you next year in grade 6. I like this school allot I have good friend’s and I have lots of fun. There are lot’s of activitie’s and I signed up for a basket ball team and I made the team I hope I could make the team next year.


Summer Vacation

It’s almost summer and for summer my Mom is going to get season passes’ for La Ronde. Summer is my favorite season I play lots of sport’s with my dad and my brother and sister. When my mom need’s to go to zumba classes’ and she need’s help she asks me. I could help her unpackage Zumba clothes’ and price them and if I help her more then an hour and if I help allot she could pay me.

kameo elements of power

kameo elements of power ruchel onlineKameo is a game for the x box I went to eb games and I found it and it was 5 dollars and we bought it right away. Kameo is about a girl who could transform into elemental warriors. elemental warriors are beast that have powers based on there element like ice the beast are called chilla, 40 below for fire there called ash and thermite for rock there called rubble and major ruin and for plant there called pummel weed and snare and for water there called flex and deep favorite  elemental warrior is pummel weed because he could go under ground and upper cut an enemy if there below him. at the end of the game I died and I hit the enemy at the same time and the game allowed me to pass the level.

Super Powers!!!

ruchel online fireHi my name is Ruchel and I have super senses so I can sense things before it happens and nobody knows that I have this power so don’t tell any one. having senses is awesome I use them for everything and I am always first to play on the x box before anyone else could play on it.

Once my house was on fire and I was awake and my brother, sister, mom and my dad were sleeping then I ran to see what was happening and it was fire I was frightened I took a towel and I started using it to blow the fire but it didn’t work next thing I now I am shooting water from my hands and the fire was gone.

One morning I found out my family had powers to my brother was playing on his DS with out even using his hands my sister was able to jump 12 feet high my mom was able to clone her self into 5 of herself and my dad had to help someone cut down his tree he lift it up with his bear hands.

X Box 360!

ruchel onlin x box 360ruchel online x box 360ruchel onlin x box 360ruchel onlin x box 360ruchel onlin x box 360ruchel onlin x box 360ruchel onlin x box 360ruchel onlin x box 360I used to have a ps3 now I have aps3 and an x box 360. My uncle gave it to me because now he has the X box one and he gave a bunch of games with it and 2 pairs of head phones for online gaming. The games my uncle gave me are really fun like bishock 2, over lord, marvel vs. Capcom, mine craft and call of duty 2. When my uncle gave me the x box I was so excited to play it. you could also make your own avatar. Me and my dad made a competition of whoever has the most memory unit and im winning I have 509 memory unit he has 445 memory unit.ruchel onlin x box 360

breakfest and lunch

ruchel online cerealI like to cook breakfast and lunch for my family on the weekends. I could cook egg toast, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and for lunch I could cook grill cheese, hot dog, hamburgers and macaroni. sometimes my sister would ask me to make something foe her and she ask all the rime and if I say no shell brag about a bunch of stuff. once I cooked Kraft dinner and added cream cheese to it and my family loved. I like to cook for my family because I like to see their reaction when they take a bite of what I’ve made. what do you like to cook?

A Ninja Mission

Ruchel Shuriken NinjaHi!  My name is Ruchel, the greatest ninja living right now.  I am on a mission to stop the Samurais from kidnapping the president.  I am also training to save the people in my city.  My sensei moved me on to rank A which means I get the fire sword.  The blade catches on fire just in case of emergencies.  Time to get ba…BOOM!  Oh no! The samurais are here!  Got to get to cover.  Slash, bang, pow!  No more samurais.  Now I need to go save the president fast!  Ruchel hurries to put on his equipment.  Time to go.  Meanwhile at the White House….Help m… Kono meshikiera me (you insect) pack it up and tell the boss we got the president. Continue reading


Lego is my favorite item I play with. Its the only thing I buy and I use to buildRuchel Lego lots of new things all the time. I build cars and my best build was a Lego hidden blade. It is completely made of Lego and I never take it apart to build something else. it fits onto my arm and when I drag my arm down the Lego blade will come out. I also made a boat that could float in water, it took me a long time to build the boat because either water got in it or it couldn’t float. I also make minifigures. minifigures are like lego people that dont move and there allot smaller. I make my own charecters like i could make myself, I just find the right pieces atach them together. I have lots of lego and i like it allot its the only thing I buy and ask for my birthday or christmas.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Break dance

Once me my brother and my mom made a break dance routine. We practiced Ruchel Break Dance Profileallot and we went to this place and there was a bunch of people my uncles and aunts and cusins were there.After two routines it was my turn the dj played the music and me and my brother started right away we slid across the stage then I did some free style and did a back spin and stoped then mybrother jumpedof me then we did a battle an dthe hole crowd was cheering. After the routine I did so goood someone gave me a book about the robot.