My Obsession of Basketball

I like basket ball. it is my favorite sport. I play it every Wednesday’s and Fridays. Basketball is ruchel basketballreally fun. it involves dribbling a ball to your net and shooting it in the basket. sometimes I would have a game on the weekend and I always get the same amount of goals 3/2. basketball is a hard game but that im on a team , I am the best. in the summer I go against my brother and dad so I can get better because my dad is good at basketball. Evan though my dad is good I could go up a against him. Swish what a shot! Do you like basket ball?

The Incredible Hulk

I have a collection of comic books. My comic books are about Marvel super heroes. My dad bought me comic books at comic experts. Once I bought Trevin Ruchel Hulkan old Marvel comic of a super villain called Solomen Grundy. He’s my dad’s favorite character. I collect comic books because I like super heroes and I was inspired by them. My favorite super hero was the Hulk and Spider Man. My least favorite character was Green Goblin and Abomination. My collections of comic books are important I don’t let anyone touch them because the paper is fragile and they don’t have hard covers. My most important comic book is my Avengers vs. Marvel. What’s your favorite comic book?


Photo Credit: Ruchel Online


Parkour is my favourite things to do because I like showing my parents. Parkour is 197px-Parkour_fl2006_cropped Trevinfun it involves doing tricks like flips, jumping over things and onto things. Parkour could be dangerous because people jump building to building and they could fall off. But I do park our in my backyard. I am able to do a jump off my stairs and then roll, and my favorite move is a cat spring. A cat spring is when you are on the ground and you use your hands and feet to push yourself up landing on your feet. Now I’m still able to do all those moves and I am learning to do more tricks to get better. What tricks can you do?


Photo Credit: Alexandre Ferreira, Wikimedia Commons

Lazy Legs and Joe

Luca__Lazylegz__Patuelli_Paralympics_2010 TrevinOne day my class and I saw a cool show. His name lazy legs he break danced. I think he is a great break dancer and his friend Joe is to. During show Joe did a flip! My brother got to go up and show his break dance move and he got a bracelet as a reward he is so lucky. At the end Craxy Legs showed us a video of his team and the have similar problems like his captain and theier great breakdancers I cant even do what they could do. During the show I think the message was to “Never give up“. I think that’s a great message cecause it doesn’t matter if your losing something you should “never give up“.


Photo Credit: adrian8_8, Wikipedia

Rabbit Family

During the summer me and my brother were playing and a rabbit just past by under are deck. When we saw it we looked at it and it just stayed there. A few weeks later it was gone and it was in my neighbor’s land and it had baby rabbits, and I told my dad. The rabbits just hopped all over my neighbors lawn.

trevin ruchel rabbit

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Breathing Under Water Or Flying In The Air

I wish I was a fish so can breath under water. breathing under water could be fun because you could explore in the ocean as long as you want. I also wish I was a bird so I can fly. flying in the air Is peaceful and you have a good view from high. I would be both so I can fly and then dive into the water.trevin ruchel birds

Living Toys

I have discovered something insane – living toys!

After awhile I cleaned it up and put all my toys in my box. In the morning I woke up and my room was messy again even my toys were removed. This time I will clean my room and set cameras in it. The next day my room wasn’t messy but my toys were all on my bed ,I checked my cameras Continue reading

My Olympic Athlete

Hockey is my favorite Olympic sport.I play hockey just on the street not on the ice it isDuncan_Keith Wikimedia Commons difficult. I play hockey in the street with my brother,I play hockey in in the summer because its warmer and I cant play hockey on ice because my skates don’t fit me.

Duncan Keith is a Canadian hockey player .He is 30 years old and his ways 90 and he is 185 cm tall and born in 1983.He won the Stanley cup two times from 2010 to 2013. In the world champion ship he won silver. He created the Keith relief foundation, a charity dedicated to emotional burdens of families dealing with medical crises sport idols. His favorite movie brave heart, usual suspects and his favorite TV show is breaking bad and he likes boating .His parents’ names are David and Jean, Brother Cameron and his sister Rebecca. Continue reading